Locowin.com Terms & Conditions



1. General terms and conditions


"Terms and Conditions" defined in this text regulates the terms and conditions that apply to all activity and use of the www.locowin.com offered games and services through computers, mobile devices, tablets, apps, or any other device. These Terms and Conditions, together with the Privacy Policy, the policy about Responsible GamblingCookies Policy, and Gaming Policy, as well as other texts, terms and conditions stated on the www.locowin.com or posted from the www.locowin.com, settles the binding agreement between the site and members. Members accept the Terms and Conditions through registration on the www.locowin.com and through participation of the games and services provided by the www.locowin.com.


1.1 Definitions


1.1.1 The term member refers to you who visits the www.locowin.com, have created an account and/or uses the www.locowin.com and the services and games that are provided by the site. Through registration and/or by visiting the www.locowin.com on a computer, mobile phone, tablet, app or other device you are automatically a customer. The terms You, Account holder and Member may also be used in texts and they all refer to you as a customer.


1.1.2 The term www.locowin.com refers to www.locowin.com, including any apps and mobile versions of this and any other subdomains to "locowin.com." Terms like us, our and other synonyms may also be used and are all referring to the site and the services provided by the site.


1.1.3 Terms and Conditions apply to the stated terms in this text. Terms such as RulesPolicies, Guidelines, Laws, Terms and Conditions may also occur and all refer to the Terms and Conditions.


1.1.4 Services and Games refers to all products provided on the www.locowin.com through any device. It includes casino, live casino, poker, odds, lottery, competitions and games and all terms refers to the services provided by us. By using this site, betting, or playing, means that the customer participates and utilises the services provided. The site reserves the right to determine, modify, remove and/or add any services at its sole discretion


1.1.5 Bonus includes offers, promotions, competitions or rewards, including but not limited to: welcome offers, reload bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins, free bets, and risk free bets.


1.1.6 Locowin.com is operated by Gammix Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of Malta with registration number C68405 and registered address at Suite 3, 64/1, Agiton Building, St. Anthony Street, San Gwann, Malta.


1.1.7  Gammix Limited is licensed and regulated in virtue of a Class 1 licence numbered MGA/CL1/1081/2015 issued on 14th June 2016 by the Malta Gaming Authority.The Casino games, Microgaming, Betsoft, GameArt, Oryx, 1x2 Gaming, Evolution, Intervision, Isoftbet, HollywoodTV and Pragmatic Games, are provided by Gammix STS B.V registered at Dr. Hugenholtzweg Z/N, Curacao under the licence No. 1668/JAZ issued to Curacao eGaming, authorised and regulated by the Government of Curacao. 


1.2 Approval of Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions applies as soon as the customer marks the box for approval during registration. By marking this box, the member guarantees that the Terms and Conditions have been read carefully and fully understood and that the member approves of these rules. If member does not accept the rules, terms, and policies, no registration on the site should be made and the box for approval should not be marked. By using any of the offerings, games or services provided by the site, the customer indicates that the terms have been accepted and approved.


1.3 Changes to Terms and Conditions


The site may modify, change, remove or add rules and conditions from time to time for various reasons including adjustments to laws and regulations. In case of this, members will always be notified before the changes come into effect by email, notification or by announcements on the site, on apps or other devices. Members are responsible for reading and understanding the changes that are made. If member does not accept the changes, the member must unsubscribe from the www.locowin.com and stop using the services and games provided. In all other cases, agreement and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions will continue to apply between member and www.locowin.com without the need for any new approval, response or other action from member. Changes of this kind apply with immediate effect from the time being published on the www.locowin.com.


1.4 Translation to different languages


These Terms and Conditions are published in several languages in order to increase accessibility and information purposes. The original version is written in English, which is the version that forms the legal basis of the relationship between the www.locowin.com and members but all versions reflect the same principles. Translations into other languages are made as a service and in good faith. In the event of any discrepancy between the English version and a translation, the English version shall prevail.


2. Gaming Policy


2.1 Conditions for playing


2.1.1 To access the services and games offered by the www.locowin.com, the member must register and approve to the Terms and Conditions. The approval of this agreement applies throughout the time as the member has an account on the www.locowin.com and are using the services available.


2.1.2 To play and take part of our services and offerings, members must be over 18 years of age or above the legal age for gambling in the country that the customer is playing from.


2.1.3 Member plays for entertainment purposes only and as an actual person and cannot be a company or other legal entity. Playing is for entertainment purposes only and not for professional capacity and not for the benefit of another person.


2.1.4 Member may not be resident in the following countries: United States of America, Us Minor Outlying Islands, US Virgin Islands, Greece, United Kingdom, Ivory Coast, Netherlands, Slovenia & Hungary


2.2 Rules regarding membership


2.2.1 Only one account per person is allowed to access the www.locowin.com. Multiple accounts linked by the same computer, email accounts, household, IP address or credit card are not allowed. In the event that similar accounts are found, all assets on the member's account can be frozen. In case several people in a household wish to open an account on the www.locowin.com, membership may be refused with reference to this. Verification of persons may be required and the www.locowin.com reserves the right to decide if the members account are approved or not.


2.2.2 An account can be closed down according to the www.locowin.com's sole discretion. The site has the right to refuse to allow an account to be opened.


2.2.3 The member guarantees that all information provided during the time of this agreement is true and is responsible for updating information on the account and properly filling in all forms correctly. Member agrees that freezing of account may result from non-compliance with these requirements.


2.2.4 Member is responsible for and ensures that information and sensitive data regarding membership and account are not disclosed to third parties and that only the member personally uses his/her account. Member guarantees to contact and promptly inform the site in case of suspicion that information has gotten to a third party or in the event of suspicion that unauthorised persons have or may have access to the member's account. If this is not respected, the account will be permanently closed and the assets on the account will be frozen. Member acknowledges that the www.locowin.com shares information with other persons or companies to enable the operation of the business and to provide games on the site to the member.


2.2.5 Member is aware that online casino activity such as this www.locowin.com is not legal in all countries and is responsible for knowing the current laws in the Members's jurisdiction.


2.2.6 It is the member's responsibility to declare and report any taxes according to applicable laws in the jurisdiction in which the member is located in.


2.2.7 Member guarantees that money deposited on the account is not from any illegal activity and is not derived from any illegal source.


2.2.8 All transactions made on the site are monitored in order to prevent money laundering. Member agrees that the www.locowin.com may require documents and different evidence of identity verification to prove where the deposited money originates. This can happen in connection with the www.locowin.com's control of members or as a random check and is done due to the current laws and regulations against money laundering. The www.locowin.com reserves the right, in reference to these laws, to freeze, block and/or, in some cases, freeze money deposited on member's account in the event of suspected crime.


2.2.9 The member guarantees not to take advantage of any technical defects or errors that may emerge on the site and is aware that the consequences for this may be the freezing of account and, in some cases, the freezing of assets on account and all wins will be forfeit.


2.2.10 The customer guarantees that the use and participation of services on the www.locowin.com is only for amateur entertainment purposes and that no fraudulent, pre-established methods will be used. Neither software-assisted methods, techniques, or hardware devices will be used by the member in the participation of the site. If this not followed, the account will be permanently closed and the assets on the account will be frozen and wins forfeit.


2.2.11 When depositing money on the account, only the payment solutions that are provided and presented on the site and those permitted by law in the member's legal discretion may be used. Deposit methods are personal and only the member's own assets are used when depositing money on account . Members may not transfer funds between his/her account and other members accounts on the site. If this is not followed, the account will be permanently closed and the assets on the account will be frozen and wins forfeit.


2.3 Participation of the site


2.3.1 Member is aware that the services and offers available on the site are games of various kinds and the range is determined, modified and adjusted by the www.locowin.com. Member is also aware that participation in games may mean that the member wins or looses money and that there are no warranties or factors that may affect any outcome of a game.


2.3.2 Member understands that the services being provided on the site are games that are not risk-free and that the www.locowin.com can not guarantee or be held responsible for services being appropriate for the purpose, neither error-free or available at all times without interruption.


2.3.3 Member understands that the www.locowin.com is not responsible for any losses, costs, expenses or damages, direct or indirect, related to the member's usage of the site or participation of the services provided . The member agrees to fully replace or compensate the www.locowin.com, managers, employees, affiliates, and/or service providers for any costs, expenses, losses, damages, claims and/or liabilities that may be consequences of member's abuse and/or fraud or other offences.


2.3.4 The site is created for entertainment purposes. Member who deposits money does this with the intend to participate in activities on the www.locowin.com. The site shall not be regarded as, or used as, a bank institution. No interest is given on money deposited on member's accounts.


2.3.5 If any activity is noted that is for non-entertainment purposes or for the purpose of earning money, the account will be adjusted so that all that may have been earned from such activity is removed. The account may also be permanently closed.


2.3.6 Member may at any time choose to terminate an account. To cancel account, please contact the www.locowin.com's support.


2.3.7 Accounts may be cancelled according to the www.locowin.com's sole discretion.


2.3.8 On the site, support is available in the form of live chat and mail. All correspondence is saved. All contact should be in a language of care and should deal with matters related to the www.locowin.com and the services available or related to the site. If this is not respected, the member's account will be permanently closed.


2.3.9 The www.locowin.com will declare a bet or stake partially or fully void (and/or close member's account) if it is believed that any of the following is true:


- Member, or people associated with member, may have directly or indirectly influenced the outcome of an event.

- Member or people associated with member, may have access to insider knowledge that can influence the outcome of an event.

- Member has directly or indirectly ignored the current Terms and Conditions.

- Bets have been made, placed and/or approved that normally would not have been approved of due to a technical error affecting the site at that time, or a mistake, typo, and/or anything beyond the www.locowin.com's control.


2.3.10 The www.locowin.com may close an account, freeze assets, cancel and/or refund the amounts available on the account, hold earnings and/or debit charges as required without any obligation to state cause to member. In this case, all liability at the time will be taken into consideration.


2.3.11 In the event that a member's account would be credited faulty, the amount will be charged from the member's account. Whether it is due to technical failure, the human factor or for any other reason, the money that is not intended for the member belongs to the www.locowin.com. If money not belonging to member has been withdrawn a debt will accrue and necessary measurements will be taken.


2.4 How to play on the site


2.4.1 Customer creates an account by signing up on the www.locowin.com. After reading and fully understanding the Terms and Conditions, the account is created by filling in all requested information for registration.


2.4.2 Signing in on the www.locowin.com is made with the member’s username and password. Should the member forget username and/or password or for other reasons not be able to sign in, the support should be contacted.


2.4.3 Deposits can be made in different ways. The payment methods available in the Members's country is found under payment solutions on the site. Accepted currencies on the site are listed under information for deposits. When a deposit is made, the member will be able to choose to participate in any current campaign.


2.4.4 Cancellation of deposits is made only in exceptional cases.


2.4.5 With money deposited on the site, the Member has the opportunity to participate in all games and offers available on the site www.locowin.com. Terms & Conditions apply to all games. Additionally, during promotions and offers, there may be other rules to take into acknowledge. It is the member’s responsibility to read these rules.


2.4.6 Bets in games and/or participation of services and offers can be made only if there is enough money on the Members account. Betting options vary for each game and information is available to read for every game.


3. Withdrawal and Deposit Rules


3.1.1 Withdrawal is made, if possible, with the same method that was used for deposit. Withdrawals are made to Members bank account or other withdrawal method. The www.locowin.com may reject a withdrawal request if it is suspected that funds are being withdrawn for any fraudulent or money laundering reasons.


3.1.2 If a member interrupts an ongoing withdrawal, the money will be returned to the member’s account and become available for gaming or for a new withdrawal.


3.1.3 Minimum deposit limit on the www.locowin.com is the equivalent of € 10. There is no maximum limit for deposits on the site. Minimum withdrawal limit is the equivalent of € 30, maximum limit for withdrawals is the equivalent of € 2,000 in a 24-hour period. The deposit and withdrawal limits apply at all times unless otherwise stated in any promotion or offer.


3.1.4 Before a withdrawal is processed, any bonuses that contribute to winnings which have not been converted into cash will be removed from the member's account. Bonus money cant be withdrawn untill the wager is fullfiled. At the same time as a withdrawal is done, any participation in a campaign regarding bonus money is considered to be completed.


3.1.5 In the event of a withdrawal during a campaign with regulated withdrawal rules, the member's account will be adjusted to the maximum allowed winnings in the current campaign if the account balance exceeds this.


3.1.6 Customer authentication can be done at any time after sites discretion, but definitely at every withdrawal in accordance with the laws and regulations regarding gaming operators. Basic account verification is done by requesting:

- Copy of a document for identification (ID, driving license or passport)

- Copy on the front and back of the credit card used for deposit/s

- Copy on a maximum two (2) month old invoice where the name and address specified in the member's account are correct

- Print screen of bank account used for deposit.


3.1.7 For deposits with credit cards, the site may request a photo of the front and the back of the card with the signature and cvv-code visible and the numbers on the front visible, except for the four digits in the middle.


3.1.8 Further verification may in some cases occur in the form of queries from a third party, comparison of customer data against other databases, and requests of other documentation to ensure identity of customer and validating the money spent.


3.1.9 If a Member wishes to set a deposit limit on his account, this is done by entering the settings of the account and limit section. Once a deposit limit is reached, additional deposits will be blocked. To change the deposit limit, you can do from same section Limits in the Cashier.


3.1.10 In case of withdrawals exceeding the equivalent of € 2 000 further verification processes are performed. For deposits exceeding € 1 000 further verification processes may be performed.


3.1.11 If a customer wins the equivalent of € 10 000 or more, the www.locowin.com reserves the right to make a payment plan of € 5 000 per month.


3.1.12 The www.locowin.com reserves the right to maintain any bonus amounts or profits if the customer's money has been canceled or denied by the payment provider.


3.1.13 In the event that the www.locowin.com estimates that a member has acted in bad faith in relation to a promotion offered on the site, the www.locowin.com may block or terminate member's account. In the event of this, the www.locowin.com has no obligation to repay any assets that may exist on the member's account or profit from gaming activities.


3.1.14 If a chargeback is requested for a card or other deposit method used by the member, the www.locowin.com may take the following steps:

- The member's account can be blocked

- Actions justified by law may be taken

- A chargeback message will be sent to the customer 

- The same method that the deposit was made by will be used for chargeback.

If the www.locowin.com can not confirm the customer's identity and the payment method used, reminders will be sent to the customer. For each reminder, a fee of € 5 (in addition to the chargeback) is deducted from the customer's account. The balance of an account may be negative in case of a chargeback.


3.2 Inactive accounts


3.2.1 An account is considered inactive when it has not been accessed for an uninterrupted period of 90 days.


3.2.2 If an account is considered to be inactive, the www.locowin.com reserves the right to charge a € 5 fee or equivalent amount in another currency from the account balance. The fee is an administrative fee debited from the account as long as the balance is positive. If an account balance is reduced to zero and still considered inactive, the account may be frozen until further notice.


3.2.3 To unlock an account that has been frozen, the account holder must contact the site's support. 



4. Bonuses


4.1 Level Rewards


4.1.1 The rewards granted for gaining a new level is free from wagering requirements. This means that all profits from free spins can be taken out as real money. The maximum win you can withdrawal from a single reward or bundled rewards is €250 or equivalent in other currency.


4.1.2 Unless otherwise stated, Rewards are valid for 7 days from the time of gaining a new level.


4.1.3 Rewards are credited automatically at the time of gaining a new level. If for any reason you are not able to claim your reward after it was added to your account, please contact the customer support department.


4.1.4 The Reward for each level can only be claimed once per person, family, household, address, e-mail address, credit card number, bank account, telephone number, computer/device and / or IP address.


4.1.5 In the event that a technical misconfiguration results in the incorrect number of free spins or higher value reward added to your account we reserve the right to correct this by removing any winnings received and re-adding the reward with the correct configuration.



4.2 Welcome Bonus & Free Spins


4.2.1 The welcome bonuses and free spins can be claimed independent of each other, however the free spins are credited only for the first five deposits, The bonuses will remain in the cashier until claimed, at which point the next part of the bonus will become available for the next deposit. If the bonus for any reason did not get credited with your deposit you must contact the customer support and make claim on the bonus before any gameplay has occurred.


4.2.2 Minimum deposit to take part of the welcome offer is €20 or equivalent in other currency.


4.2.3 The welcome bonuses are available one at a time and in order for the following match percentage and amounts.

1st bonus gives 100% match deposit for a deposit up to 350€

2nd bonus gives 85% match deposit for a deposit up to 350€

3rd bonus gives 75% match deposit for a deposit up to 400€

4th bonus gives 50% match deposit for a deposit up to 400€

5th bonus gives 100% match deposit for a deposit up to 350€


4.2.4 The welcome bonus must be wagered thirtysix times (x36) the bonus amount in order to complete the wagering requirements. Should a player attempt to withdraw before wagering has been completed of the bonus, the bonus and any potential winnings derived from the bonus will be forfeited.


4.2.5 The bonus has a minimum withdrawal amount allowed of total deposit + bonus. For instance, if a player deposits 20€ and received the 20€ bonus, the minimum amount cashable will be (20€ deposit + 20€ bonus = 40€) once the wagering requirements have been completed. The maximum withdrawal for winnings from the welcome bonus is fifteen times (x15) the amount of the bonus generating deposit.


4.2.6 Free spins in the welcome offer are wager free. This means that any winnings from the free spins can be withdrawn immediately without any wagering requirements.


4.2.7 Minimum deposit to take part of the welcome free spins is €20 or equivalent in other currency.


4.2.8 Maximum allowed withdrawal from the free spins included in the welcome offer is 250€ or equivalent in other currency.


4.2.9 Free spins are credited for the first five deposits in the following games in order of deposit: The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays, Lights, Starburst, Joker Pro, Book of Dead.


4.2.10 Free spins are credited based on deposit amount, for the following amounts:

20.00-50.00€ generates 35 free spins.

50.01-100€ generates 70 free spins.

100.01€+ generates 100 free spins.


4.2.11 Bonuses are not available for deposits with Neteller, Skrill or Paysafecard.



4.3 Crazy Cashback


4.3.1 In order to receive cashback, at least one deposit has to be made.


4.3.2 Cashback can’t be combined with any other bonuses or promotions. If you have an active bonus no cashback can be earned until completion or failure of the active bonus or promotion is achieved.


4.3.3 The minimum cashback payout is 1€. Maximum cashback payout per week is limted to 1400€


4.3.4 The cashback is calculated as 0.4% of each spin minus operations costs. The calculation refers to members' game activity from Monday to Sunday and is paid out on Monday the following week.


4.3.5 The value of 594 points is equal to 1€ cashback or equivalent in other currency.


4.3.5 Locowin reserves the right to deny a player cashback if there is a suspicion of fraudulent behavior.


4.3.6 Locowin reserves the right to, at any given moment, cancel or change the cashback offer without further justifications.



4.4 Free spins Friday!


4.4.1 A minimum deposit of 20€ or equivalent in other currency is required to be made during the period (Monday 00:00 to Thursday 23:59 UTC) each week to be eligible for the promotion ”Free spins Friday!” and receive free spins on Friday.


4.4.2 The winnings received from the promotion ”Free spins Friday!” are wager free, this means that any winnings from the free spins can be withdrawn immediately without any wagering requirements. The maximum win you can accumulate and withdraw from the promotion ”Free spins Friday!” is €250 or equivalent in other currency.


4.4.3 Free spins from the promotion ”Free spins Friday!” are credited on Fridays at 12:00 UTC and are available until Sunday at 23:59 UTC.



4.5 General Bonus Terms


4.5.1 Any bonus is only available once per person, family, household, address, e-mail address, credit card number, bank account, telephone number, computer/device and / or IP address.


4.5.2 Any Welcome bonuses are only available to new Members whom open an account on the site and whom have never held an account on the www.locowin.com before, have never received a welcome offer of any kind and whom are invited to take part in a welcome offer by virtue of it being specifically offered to them when they register on the site.


4.5.3 Some bonuses must be manually activated by the member by making a deposit as specified in the current campaign. If the member plays with funds already deposited prior to claiming the bonus, lost funds cannot be used to activate the bonus.


4.5.4 To receive bonuses and active promotions, a minimum deposit of € 20 or equivalent amount in another currency is required if no other information is stated.


4.5.5 Players from the following countries are not eligible to receive the first deposit bonus: 


Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Czech republic, Turkey, Ukraine.


4.5.6 Bonuses offered by the www.locowin.com are meant for genuine hobby players only. In case of abuse or suspicion of abuse of offered bonuses, the www.locowin.com reserves the right to investigate, suspend or lock members account.


4.6 Playing with bonuses


4.6.1 There are no wagering requirements on the free spins on   www.locowin.com, which means that any winnings with free spins withdrawn immediately. This is valid unless otherwise stated in the promotion, bonus or offer.


4.6.2 Maximum withdrawal for winnings from non deposit free spins is € 50 or equivalent amount in another currency unless otherwise stated.


4.6.3 Cash bonuses or Free money bonuses, both with and without wager requirements have a maximum allowed withdrawal of x5 the bonus amount.


4.6.4 All games have a maximum bet limit of € 4 or the equivalent amount in another currency per game round/spin during the time that a bonus is active on a member's account. This applies as long as nothing else is stated. In case of a breach or violation of this rule, the bonus will be considered forfeited and any winnings generated by the bonus will be taken back.


4.6.5 When playing during an ongoing campaign or bonus, the member's account is first charged of the real money balance and thereafter from the bonus money.


4.6.6 The player is entitled to cancel a bonus promotion. Any winnings generated by the bonus money will also be canceled.


4.6.7 Bonuses given by the support or of the www.locowin.com live agents as goodwill may contain different wager requirements.


4.6.8 Bonuses offered by Locowin are solely intended for genuine recreational players only. Bonus/Promotional abuse will not be tolerated. Player betting patterns and activity are constantly monitored and in case of bonus abuse, Locowin reserves the right to cancel, suspend or lock any player account found guilty of abuse as well as void/revoke any pending gaming activity and refund the original deposit. Locowin can also decide at its own discretion to ban any player from participating in Locowin’s promotions for a definite or indefinite period of time as decided by Locowin Casino’s management.


4.6.9 Different game types contribute differently towards wagering fulfillment. For example if a game type contributes 100% towards wagering, it means that if you bet 10€, 10€ will contribute towards wagering fulfillment.


4.6.10 Below are the eligible games for bonus wagering contribution and their contribution:

  • Slot games: 100%
  • All other games: 0%

4.6.11 With an active bonus the following games are strictly forbidden to play, Table Games, Video Poker, Jackpot Games, Live Casino and the following slot games: Beautiful Bones, Big Bad Wolf, Blood Suckers, Book of Dead, Castle Builder, Castle Builder 2, Da Vinci's Treasure, Dazzle Me, Dead or Alive, Devil’s Delight, Demolition Squad, Eggomatic, Hook's Heroes, Hot Spin, Immortal Romance, Jackhammer 2, Jingle Spin, Jungle Spirit, Koi Princess, Lost Relics, Lucky Angler, Madame Destiny, Max Quest: Wrath of Ra, Moon Princess, Peking Luck, Reactoonz, Rise of Olympus, Robin Hood - Shifting Riches, Scrooge, Secret of the Stones, Secrets of Atlantis, Simsalabim, Twin Spin, Victorious, Vikings, Zombies. In case that this is breached the bonus and any potential winnings derived from the bonus will be forfeited.



5. Responsible Gambling


We behind this site are all for safe and responsible gaming. Our www.locowin.com is created for fun and gaming should be only for this purpose!


But sometimes it can be too much. Sometimes you may feel that you’re loosing control and maybe you start to wonder if you really play for pleasure or if you do it for other reasons?


On our Responsible Gaming page, our members can find help, guidelines and tools needed to keep their gaming habits at a level that feels fun.


5.1 Closing and freezing of accounts


5.1.1 Closing an account according to member's own wishes is done by entering the limit section in the cashier. The effective closure of an account will correspond to the termination of the Terms and Conditions.


5.1.2 Freezing of accounts can be done at member's own request by contacting the www.locowin.com's support or by entering the settings for the account. Freezing can be done for a certain period of time or until further notice. In order to cancel a freezing if an account, the member has to contact the www.locowin.com's support and verify his/her identity and the account in question.


5.1.3 If the reason for closing an account is due to gambling problems, the member must provide the www.locowin.com this information in connection with the closing of the account.


5.1.4 When closing an account. Bonuses and promotions will be forfeit as well as future chances for bonuses, free spins or participation in contests on the www.locowin.com will automatically terminate. Any bonuses or dormant/active offers on the members account will be closed.


5.1.5 In case of self-determination from the site, the member will be excluded for all future and no new account can be opened.


5.2 Self-regulation


5.2.1 In the settings of an account, members can set limits for deposits, bets and participation of games during a specified period of time.


5.2.2 Request to raise a limit will take effect seven (7) days after the member made the changes in the limit seciton on www.locowin.com. Reuqest to lower a limit is instant.


6. Privacy Policy


6.1 Privacy


6.1.1 When registering on the www.locowin.com and accepting the Terms & Conditions, the customer also confirms and agrees that it is necessary for the www.locowin.com to collect and use member's personal data to confirm and allow access and usage of the site.


6.1.2 All collection of personal data will be handled with respect to the member's privacy as well as in accordance with applicable data protection law.


6.1.3 Personal data refers to all information that includes the member's name and address, date of birth, credit card details and other information that a member provides to the www.locowin.com.


6.1.4 Collection of personal data is done by the member's completion of registration form and by the data that a member leaves in the information fields in the member's account.


6.1.5 All communications made between customers and www.locowin.com, both in writing and by email, are reviewed on the basis of the site's own control in order to deliver good service. Email messages between customers and www.locowin.com are not encrypted and members are advised not to send sensitive data by email in any case other than when requested from the www.locowin.com.


6.1.6 The www.locowin.com uses collected data for purposes of managing member accounts, maintaining own records, monitoring the www.locowin.com's quality, security regulations in accordance with applicable laws and for informing members about news, promotions or any other products and services that members may be interested in. All documentation remains the property of the www.locowin.com and will be used for these purposes only.


6.1.7 The www.locowin.com includes all direct and indirect subsidiaries and related companies of the www.locowin.com wherever located in the world as may exist from time to time.


6.1.8 Collected personal data may be shared or transferred to companies or business partners to the www.locowin.com and are all qualified to handle data with reference to the reasons mentioned above.


7. Cookie policy


7.1 Rules regarding cookies


7.1.1 A cookie is a small piece of information stored on your web-browser (Explorer, Firefox, Safari) which allows your web-browser to remember specific information about a www.locowin.com or webpage.


7.1.2 The www.locowin.com uses cookies to a limited extent to enhance customers experience and provide customisation and useful features to the site and products on the site. The site also uses standard analytics software to allow us to see how our users are interacting with the site in aggregate.


7.1.3 The www.locowin.com collects cookies only for the reasons stated above. The data is not shared with other parties. The www.locowin.com uses several cookies on site, whose aims are the below:

- Run functionality on site optimally by tracking members activity and making sure the content and data that the customer sees is personalised and correct.
- Remember customers language selection, browsing activity, browser used, device type and preferred products to present relevant content.
- Provide customers with correct information depending on their entry point on site, such as through a search engine or affiliate network.
- Remember promotions that customers were interested in to provide relevant content based on customers preferences.


7.1.4 If member wishes to disable cookies, instructions for this can be found in the information for the browser that is used. Customers may choose to disable all cookies collection. However, disabling cookies may result in certain functions on the site not working correctly.


7.1.5 If cookies are blocked on the site, member may experience that the www.locowin.com is not fully utilised. There may be restrictions and some services may not be included.


7.1.6 To remove a cookie block, enter the browser settings. For setup instructions for specific browsers, visit www.aboutcookies.org


8. Miscarried and aborted Games


8.1 Disturbances and technical faults


8.1.1 The www.locowin.com, the sites suppliers and/or licensors are not liable for any downtime, server disruptions, lagging, or any technical or political disturbance to game play.


8.1.2 The www.locowin.com, the sites suppliers and/or licensors accept no liability for any damages or losses which are deemed or alleged to have arisen out of or in connection with the site or its content, including and without limitation to:


-        Delays or interruptions in operation or transmission;

-        Loss or corruption of data;

-        Communication or lines failure;

-        Any site or content misuse;

-        Any errors or omissions in content;


8.1.3 In the event of a casino system malfunction all wagers are void.


8.1.4 In the event of a game being interrupted due to system failures, the amount wagered in the game is refunded to the member account. If this is not possible for any reason, the amount is refunded to the member's used deposit method.


8.1.5 In the event of a game interruption, games always resume at the exact time immediately before the interruption occurred. If for some reason it would not be possible to resume the game session in exactly the same place, the site will see that the game ends and the bet is refunded to the customer.



9. Complaints


9.1 Procedures for submitting comments and complaints


9.1.1 If a member experiences any disturbance, something negative or have any questions or concerns, the www.locowin.com can always be contacted by live chat or email.


9.1.2 Complaints must be provided with clear information about the customer's identity and relevant information about the complaint or the problems experienced in order for the www.locowin.com to handle the matter as quickly as possible.


9.1.3 Claims regarding any transactions must be made within six (6) months after the transaction, payment and/or settlement took place/should have taken place. Once a claim is received, the www.locowin.com will review any queried or disputed transactions and let the customer know the outcome. The decision is final and can not be appealed.


 9.1.4 If a Member is not satisfied with how a case has been handled, this may be reported to Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authorities:

Building SCM02-03, Level 4, SmartCity Malta, Ricasoli, SCM1001, Malta, Phone: +356 2546900, E-mail: support.mga@mga.org.mt.


10. Legal sections


10.1 Intellectual property


10.1.1 The www.locowin.com is the sole owner of the trademark and logo associated with it. Any unauthorised use of the site or logo may result in prosecution.


10.1.2 www.locowin.com is our uniform resource locator and no unauthorised use may be made of this URL on any other site or digital platform without our prior written consent. Links to the site and any of the pages therein may not be included in any other site without our prior written consent.


10.1.3 Any unauthorised collection or use or reproduction of the www.locowin.com's content, structure, agreement, or other material owned by the site may be prosecuted.


10.2 Severability


10.2.1 If anything contained in these Terms and Conditions is held to be illegal or unenforceable, such provision shall be severed from these terms and all other specified Terms and Conditions shall remain in force unaffected by such severance.


10.3 Assignment


10.3.1 The www.locowin.com reserves the right to assign or otherwise lawfully transfer this agreement. Member is not entitled to assign or otherwise transfer this agreement.


10.4 Applicable law and jurisdiction


10.4.1 These Terms and Conditions apply in agreement with Malta's laws and the parties agree to comply with the jurisdiction of Malta.


10.4.2 Unless otherwise stated, it means that games and services are organized in Malta and participation on this site takes place within the aforementioned territory. Any contractual relationships between member and www.locowin.com shall be deemed to have been entered into and performed by the parties in Malta, at the registered address of the www.locowin.com.


10.5 Contract breach


10.5.1 If a customer violates or is suspected to breach anything contained in these Terms & Conditions, the www.locowin.com reserves the right to close member account and freeze any assets on the account. If the breach of the agreement is considered to be gross, legal actions may be taken.

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