Club Loco

Club Loco

When you are member of Club Loco you will get to take part of an amazing journey into our castle along the red carpet we have laid out for you, you will find vast amounts of promotions and special perks tailored specially for you, the deeper into the castle you progress the bigger the reward will be.

We prioritize you before everyone else

As a member of Club Loco we will always look to serve your needs first, we always ensure that your payments are solved quick. If there is ever any problem, you are always welcome to contact us on our live chat. For the members deepest in the castle we have a special personal contact to help serve your every need as you progress towards the king’s chamber.

Club Loco events

Every year Locowin organizes special events around the world for all our loyal members to enjoy, as you progress deeper into the castle you will get the chance to join our Loco hosts on amazing trips across the globe to exclusive locations fit for the king, dine at the best restaurants, experience magical moments, visit elegant casinos and best of all, you get to enjoy it all with other members of Club Loco.

Crazy Competitions

Take part in Loco’s thrilling competitions exclusive to the most respected members of the club, compete in real time with other members for real life luxury rewards such as jewellery & accessories, exotic vacations, top of the line electronics and much much more…

Personal contact

Deeper into the castle you will become acquainted with your personal contact from the royal court that is always available to take care of your every need and off course help you get the best offers and promotions tailored for you. Your contact is always available to help you with any issues or technical details if necessary.

Bonuses/Free spins

As a member of Club Loco you will experience a new level of entertainment. We guarantee that you will always receive the best promotion available from us. Besides our offers displayed publicly on the site, you will also receive exclusive offers designed specially for our Club Loco members. Your royal personal contact will always keep you up to date and inform you about the bonuses available, deliver your personal gifts and give you exclusive invitations to the king’s own promotions.

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